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9 Photography Marketing Tips for Pro Photographers

In this ever-evolving photography industry, being a skilled photographer is only half the battle, the other is knowing how to promote your work to your clients. Professional photographers should have a marketing strategy in place to stand out and attract clients. To help, here is a list of photography marketing tips for you to establish your brand, increase the exposure of your work, and grow your business.

9 Photography Marketing Tips for Pro Photographers

1. Create a Professional Portfolio

Having a professional portfolio or photography website to show your work might be beneficial to your business. You can display your photos exactly the way you want, allowing clients to directly understand your photography style. A portfolio website generally consists of these parts:

Homepage: The homepage is the first impression of your website. Show potential clients who you are with a signature of your work, show them your style, all in an attractive layout.

Galleries: This section showcases your diversity. Your photos are arranged according to theme or project, and each one is usually accompanied by a title and backstory.

Blog: The blog is a place where you can share your thoughts, behind-the-scenes stories, photography tips, and updates on your latest projects.

About: The About page is for your brand philosophy and personal style. It includes a personal biography, details of your photography journey, and any notable achievements.

Contact: Your contact page gives your potential clients or collaborators a way to get in touch with you. It usually includes a contact form, email address, and links to social media.

9 Photography Marketing Tips for Pro Photographers

2. Enhance your website’s SEO

Enhancing the SEO of your website is also essential, which can improve your probability of being discovered by potential clients searching for photographers online.

Add key words: Choose keywords strategically. Make a list of every possible phrase you can think of that is related to your business, the more closely it matches the search query, the more likely it is that someone will click on your photography website!

Insert a page description: Remember to keep your description text length between 50-300 characters, and think about what your clients are searching for and add key words that encourage them to click through to your site. 

9 Photography Marketing Tips for Pro Photographers

3. Build an Email List

It is becoming increasingly clear how significant it is to have an email list, regardless of your style of photography. One of the most reliable ways to stay in contact with your clients is via email. Email content can include information about a fulfilling recent work to impress your clients, or discounts and free gifts to attract them. As it is your business, you have control over content however long or short and frequency of communication for it is simply delivered straight to their inboxes, it will be simple to remind of your business and keep them informed of recent updates.

To build your email list, there are two approaches. For instance, you can include an email list sign up form on your photography website. Or use social media to encourage potential clients to sign up for your email list to be kept informed.

9 Photography Marketing Tips for Pro Photographers

4. Use social media

As a professional photographer, it is vital to utilize social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Pinterest. Having active accounts on these platforms not only showcases your work, but also greatly increases the exposure.

Different content forms can be posted on social media platforms, such as pictures, text, videos, and so on. Clients typically pay greater attention to video content since it is more engaging than picture content. One option, you can make a slideshow generated from your photos in Zno Slideshow and put it on your social media.

Using these social media platforms is the most efficient way to help you increase exposure and boost your business. Adding tags to your posts is another useful method to multiply your reach. For instance, you are a wedding photographer and your social media accounts often include your wedding photography. By using tags like #weddingphotography, you may connect with potential customers who are already searching for content related to your business.

Another approach to reach a wider audience and increase your exposure is to invite a collaborator. On platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, you can discover a collaborator related to your photography business to publish posts together. This shares your posts not only with the people following you but also with those following the account you’re collaborating with, raising awareness of both accounts at once.

9 Photography Marketing Tips for Pro Photographers

5. Attend Photography Exhibitions

Participating in photography exhibitions can bring you many benefits and is often considered a significant part of a photographer’s marketing strategy. As a professional photographer, taking part in exhibitions not only builds an image of staying abreast of industry trends and improving professional skills but also plays a pivotal role in developing a reputation and getting exposure to your photography business.

Exhibitions might give you a stage on which to present your work to a larger audience. Through direct feedback from your clients, you can learn how your work is perceived and appreciated. In addition, your work can help you establish a more credible professional image and give you the opportunity to connect with your potential clients, which will grow your client base.

9 Photography Marketing Tips for Pro Photographers

6. Open an Online Store

It’s crucial for you and your clients to have an online platform where you can showcase and sell your work. This not only allows your clients to check and share their photos more intuitively, but also improves communication through direct interaction and speeds up their purchase process. You can sell digital downloads of individual photographs or entire galleries in Zno Gallery. With an online store, your clients can make purchases without any sales pressure and at the comfort without leaving their homes.

As we all know, the best way to keep precious moments in mind is to print them. You can also provide your clients with value-added services by selling products of your photos on your online store. You can choose from the largest selection of customized products in Zno Estore, including Flush Mount Albums, Wall Art, Prints, and more. Additionally, Zno Estore can put your photos on the products, making it easier for clients to preview the printed product more intuitively. By opening an online store, you can offer your selection of products to your clients and wow them with your superb photography skills.

9 Photography Marketing Tips for Pro Photographers

7. Offer a Giveaway or Discount

Promotions and giveaways are popular with most people, so you can entice your clients to place an order by offering these. Generally speaking, a free giveaway can be a print, a photo album, or a free photo shoot. You can learn from your clients ahead of time to find out what they are most interested in.

Apart from this, giving discounts during various festivals and events like weddings and engagements season, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and New Year is another excellent approach to promote. These holidays are usually accompanied by a happy atmosphere, and offering discounts can help you deepen the emotional connection with your clients and increase their loyalty. With a  bulk markup feature to easily price products in Zno Estore will enable you to set discounts for holidays more easily. You can utilize this effective tool to drive your business forward during the approaching holidays!

9 Photography Marketing Tips for Pro Photographers

8. Share Positive Client Reviews

Sharing positive client reviews on your website or portfolio will help you build a loyal community and create a good reputation. Reviews from your clients tend to be more authentic and convincing to potential clients, which is why it’s more effective.

Some clients place a higher importance on the photographer’s excellent customer service than the beauty of the photos themselves. Thus, you can elevate client experience and satisfaction by providing them with meticulous care and service, thereby earning positive and valuable reviews.

9 Photography Marketing Tips for Pro Photographers

9. Write a blog

Start a blog on your website to share stories, expertise, and insights related to photography. As a professional photographer, a blog is a powerful marketing tool for the growth of your business. Through blogging, your experiences and thoughts are accessible to a wide online audience, which will help increase the exposure of your work.

Apart from this, writing a blog supports the presentation and development of your own brand. It enables you to show off your unique idea and style, letting current clients get to know you better, and help attract potential clients.

9 Photography Marketing Tips for Pro Photographers

9 photography marketing tips have been listed here for professional photographers. From creating an online portfolio and using the power of social media to offering a giveaway and sharing client reviews, each tip is designed to increase your exposure and attract potential clients. Whether your goal is to grow your client base, increase bookings, or make yourself as a well-known photographer, these tips will help you succeed in the competitive world of professional photography.

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